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eyeFlight Media

Welcome to eyeFlight Media, a wild place where possibility and imagination collide. If you can dream it, we will capture it. Specializing in aerial and terrestrial video and still photography, we can literally put cameras where no cameras have gone before. We also offer full production management from writing the script, shooting the video, post-production editing, to finished product. Our artists are prepared to transform your ideas into a creative masterpiece that will captivate your audience as it communicates your message.

We employ the latest aircraft and gyro stabilization technology to fly the best cameras in the industry. We also offer full editing and post-production services from our studio equipped with the latest software and industry standard technology. The cinematic, commercial, marketing, documentary, and industrial applications are limited only by your imagination. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to exceed your expectations be it here or abroad as we can travel to most international locations to make your project a reality.

Please don’t hesitate to email or call us with your questions or for a free consultation. No job is too big or too small.

As a result of the complexity of the current FAA legal structure we do not charge for remote aircraft filming or photos. This is a Non-Commercial FREE service. This service is FREE to ALL our customers who use our terrestrial based services.

Our remote control video aircraft (helicopter and airship) are not autonomous and are always flown within line of sight, typically less than 200 yards away and less than 300 feet in altitude. They are operated in open areas, away from airports, and do not violate any FAA regulations. The crew includes an operator and a spotter to watch for safety concerns in the air and on the ground.

Dave Prall
and the eyeFlight Media Team

  1. Unmanned Experts- IBJF Production

    It Burns Joe Fitness, 2014.

    For entertainment purposes only. Not intended for commercial distribution.

    Injection by Hans Zimmer- (Available on iTunes)
    Golden by Parade of Lights- (Available on iTunes)

  2. SERVICE IN MOTION (Short Version)

    This is the "Short Format Version" of eyeFlight Media's latest commercial video production..... All action and motion, this version was edited specifically to meet the needs of the client for use in trade shows and other short format events.


    eyeFlight Media's latest commercial video production..... This is a compelling cinematic journey that tells the story of Joy Global's heart and soul..... The reason behind absolute customer service and attention to detail that sets Joy Global apart from the competition..... PEOPLE...... The Joy Global Family. Completely unscripted, this footage brings to life the real emotion and drive behind this tight-knit group. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be inspired, motivated, and entertained. Do not be surprised if you find yourself wanting to become a part of this amazing team.

    eyeFlight Media is honored to have been chosen for this project. We will be forever enriched through the friendships forged during the production process.



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